Glenn Chadwick


What amazing clarity/realism/details in your painting. Truly beautiful! I particularly love the water lilies.
Clo Couture - 7 Nov 2010
Hi Glenn, My husband (Bob) and I just returned to NS. We enjoyed seeing your work at the Toronto Art Exhibition. Being from the Annapolis Valley, we were drawn to your paintings of the apple trees, and I really enjoyed looking at your floral painting (flowers in August). Do you have any paintings in a smaller size (20 in x 17 in approx)? Take care, Taya Shields Port Williams, Nova Scotia
Taya Shields - 20 Jul 2010
Lo Scaffale is highly reminiscent of my kitchen, circa 1990.
Kenneth Kelly - 5 Jul 2010
OMG, Glenn! On Thanksgiving I saw "Apples in August at Liz and Andy's and I think you have crazy talent. I hope you are live long enough to be in the same artist catagory as Monet, Renoir, etc. Bravo,Bravo, Bravo! Fondly, Mary ( Liz's sister)
Mary Sireci - 5 Dec 2009
A couple of years ago my wife and I saw some of your work on display during The Beaches Music Festival.We were very taken with your apple series. Just a few days ago we both mentioned that we often thought of the apples painting and what a strong impression it had made. We are glass artists and over the years have often traded our work with other artists. Would this be of any interest to you? Our work can be viewed at All the best Brian
Brian McMillan - 7 Sep 2009
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